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We’re located just a 20 minute drive away from Aveiro, Portugal which has the energy of a big city with a small town feel. There are several ways you can get into the city from our grounds. A 10-15 minute walk can take you to a bus stop (Line 10 travels into the city) or to the Quinta Do Picado train stop where travel into the city takes less than five minutes for around 1.40. Cabs are also available from the city back to Swara from 12.00

The city Aveiro

Aveiro is a city surrounded by water. Flamingos flock to the bays, the sunsets on the beach are works of art, and the canals add an old world charm to the city which is quickly becoming a popular destination in Portugal.

Spending the day in town can lead you to several adventures. You can stroll the streets taking in the Art Nouveau architecture, admiring the famed azulejos, the pretty cermanic tiles that decorate many buildings and houses in the city center. Aveiro is also known for salt production, and you can learn about the salt extraction process at the Troncalhada Eco-Museum.

Take a ride on the colorful, gondola-like boats called moliceiros that circle around the canals in the center of the city and experience why Aveiro is affectionately called the “Venice of Portugal.”

We’re happy to organize group outings to the city for your guests.

The 10 Best Things To See and Do in Aveiro

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Reflect At Sunset

A beach day is the perfect way to add more rest and relaxation to your retreat experience. You can spend the day soaking up the sun and the evening catching a breath-taking sunset.

 We can help you curate a special beach day for your guests. We can create a picnic lunch, surf classes, jamming sessions with music, and guided sunset meditation.

The closest beaches to us are the surfing hang out of Praia da Barra and Costa Nova, which is famous for being bordered by candy-striped cottages.

The Village Quinta Do Picado

Swara Slow Living is located 20 minutes outside of Aveiro, Portugual in Quinta Do Picado, a sleepy town where you get the feeling that no one is a stranger.

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