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Our Story

Our story

Two Visions

The first was my grandfather’s. His vision was to build a home where love and connection could be shared amongst family. He worked his entire life, saving bit by bit to accomplish his dream.

The second is my own, born from many years of traveling, learning, self development, and self healing. I was at a meditation retreat in India when I was struck by a vision: I saw myself inviting teachers and students from all around the world to our family home in Portugal to explore the possibilities of their self growth.

In my vision I saw my grandfather’s home full of positive energy, transformed into a slow living oasis, but this was far from the reality I knew. The house had been sitting abandoned for years. For me, it was filled with the painful memories of my lovely grandfather’s last days. The walls that he had planned with such care were cracking, and weeds grew wildly in the garden where he used to walk.


Sandy Branco De Sousa

From visions to reality

Dream Became The True


My dream seemed far from possible, but by this moment I knew about the power of following a vision that was clearly laid out for you.

For years I was caught in a cycle of pursuing things and situations that did not honor my natural rhythm. To me, a large cause of ill health is living with an unease in your soul, an uneasiness in your being. One of the main drivers behind my self-development journey was to better understand, and heal, my health conditions – my skin, PCOS, scoliosis & leaky gut.

I begin to travel the world as much as possible, searching for answers on how to live according to my own desires, dreams, and instinctive pull towards nature.

 I shifted away from my corporate job as a concierge for 5-star hotels to spending my days working in farmers markets and gaining certifications as an integrative health coach. I begin hosting small workshops in Montreal. I didn’t know it yet, but I was preparing to bring my vision to life.

Today I am pulling all my knowledge together in order to help others by creating a haven of peace designed to serve those seeking healing and change.



Swara, which means rhythm in Sanskrit, offers a slow living experience that allows all who pass through its doors a chance to decelerate any rhythm that is not in tune with your natural constitution, or your natural way of being in life.

My vision has taken shape thanks to many people from all over the world who have joined me in co-creating this space where we can share and support each other through a slow living lifestyle.

The weeds were pulled from the garden, flowers and vegetables planted, the floors were shined and rooms were converted into bright spaces where anything is possible.

This home, that had been largely abandoned for eight years, now pulses with positive energy and healing vibrations.

It is a home where we can support teachers and leaders who seek to share healing tools for the mind and spirit- yoga, meditation, art therapy, and ancient medicine-through retreats, workshops, and trainings.

A home where we offer organic, plant-based cuisine to nourish the body and soul.

And most importantly, a home where it is possible to connect to our inner rhythm. It is a space where we can return to our natural roots.

I’d like to think that my grandfather would be proud.

Sandy Branco De Sousa

Stop the noise in your mind in order for the wondrous sounds of life to be heard. Then you can begin to live your life authentically and deeply.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

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