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Looking for a space to host your event? We partner with artists, teachers, leaders, and healers to produce intimate events that are carefully designed to support students in their quest to reconnect with their inner voice. We’d love to learn more about your vision. View our event spaces and get in touch.

Events at Swara

At Swara House, there is always something nourishing, invigorating, and energizing happening. Perhaps you’d like to join us for ceramics classes? Or how about spending three days with us for an alternative medicine retreat? The modalities are vast, but the mission is the same: retreats, workshops and trainings intended for self-growth, self-connection providing a slow living environment where one can hear oneself.

Listed below are upcoming events that you can register for. Follow the links to discover wonderful classes that are sure to invigorate your soul.




Swara Slow Living Home
Our body behaves according to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Getting our balance back is the key to our health. With Hormonal Yoga Therapy (HYT) you will be guided step by step to reach this potential.

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